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Opening of the exhibition "ABOUT LIVING - Êzîdî Women after the Femicide in 2014"

INVITATION to the opening of the touring exhibition "ABOUT LIVING - Êzîdî Women after the Femicide in 2014 Reprocessing - Justice - Human Rights " in the Women's Museum Bonn (Germany) on 25.11.18

At the opening of the exhibition on International Day Against Violence against Women, on Sunday, November 25, 2018 we cordially invite you at 1 pm Welcome: Marianne Pitzen, Director Women's Museum On the subject: Dr. med. Ursula Sautter, Deputy. Chairperson, UN Women National Committee Germany e.V. Dr. Leyla Ferman, Platform for Struggle for Women held in Captivity Marion Böker, German Women's Council e.V. (Executive board) Êzîdî women escaping from ISIS found the courage to report on the violence that IS has done to them. They were interviewed between December 2017 and March 2018 in Qamishli (Rojava) in northern Syria, in Şinjar (northern Iraq) and in the area of the German State of Baden-Württemberg (Germany). They did this once, to testify for possible trials against the
perpetrators, and secondly to share in some of the interviews the barbaric war crimes against them through the exhibition, reporting on those still imprisoned, and telling their story, a story of great suffering and in the same time a (her) story about their great strength to withstand terror, war crimes and its intentions.
They hope for rehabilitation, justice, human rights and international protection and peace for all Êzîdes, women and men in their homelands and wherever they live abroad.
Many Êzîdî women who escaped from the slavery of the IS have to live today in their settlement area in Şinjar whihc have been destroyed by the IS or, therefore in refugee camps. Others are in Turkey or Syria (Rojava). Also in Germany some have found refuge. Baden-Württemberg has welcomed and sheltered 1,000 Êzîdî women. Others fled to other federal states of Germany, to European states or Canada. They work out a future for themselves and their families, their people. Families and communities usually welcome them back to their midst.
Often there is ignorance about the culture and religion of the Êzîdes. The women know: you have to change that, otherwise the historically permanent chain of genocides will never be interrupted. It is time for the International Community to include Êzîdî people fully and grant and secure them equal protection and human rights. Women and their organizations already builded networks to work closely interlinked to this objectives.
Nadia Murad addressed the UN Security Council on 14/12/2015, became UN Special Envoy to fight for IS casualties, and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018. Her book has the title: I am your voice (Knaur).
Farida Khalaf provided another book in German, "The Girl Who Defeated the IS" (Bastei).


At 3 pm the Bonn Women's Museum presents the project Memorial Against Violence against Women: It launches an invitation to tender for a sculpture to be erected in the courtyard of the Women's Museum. All artists who have experience with bronze casting can apply.
Sponsor: Annette Müller-Huesker, Petit & Edelbröck Bell and Art Casting Factory in Gescher (from 25. 11. at


You can download the invitation here 

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