Description of the German Women’s Council 

(Deutscher Frauenring e.V.)  


The German Women’s Council (Deutscher Frauenring e.V.) is a non-partisan and non-denominational women’s organization based in Germany. Founded in 1949, its main purpose is to advocate for gender equality, women’s rights, and the advancement of the status of women. With a focus on strengthening women’s societal status and enhancing their participation in politics, economics, culture and all areas of life, the German Women’s Council plays a crucial role in promoting women’s human rights, empowerment and social justice. 

The organization’s structure is based on a network of local and regional branches working together under the umbrella of the national organization’s federation. This cohesive structure enables them to address diverse issues women face in different regions while maintaining a unified and collective voice on a national level and via its membership in ICW, ECICW and IAW and EWL on the regional and international level. 

The German Women’s Council pursues its objectives through various means, including education, public awareness campaigns, seminars, workshops, and policy advocacy. The DFR organizes events and discussions that shed light on women’s political, social, and economic challenges. By fostering dialogue between women and decision-makers, the organization strives to influence policies and initiatives that can promote gender equality, women’s rights and peace. 

One of the primary goals of the German Women’s Council in coherence with CEDAW is to eliminate gender-based discrimination and all forms of violence against women. We have a long term focus as a member of INTEGRA, the national network to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM/C) and we monitor the Istanbul Convention. The DFR works towards creating an environment where women have equal opportunities and access to resources, regardless of their background or social status. The organization also advocates for better work-life balance, recognition of care work, women’s health and reproductive health and rights, and the representation of women in leadership positions, both in the public and private sectors, i.e. in this scope members of the DFR are fighting for a new electoral law which will guarantee Gender Parity in all parliaments. The German Women’s Council collaborates with other women’s organizations and gender equality advocates on a national and international level and has joint numerous alliances to exchange best practices and contribute to the global women’s rights movement. By participating in international forums and campaigns, they amplify their voice and impact the political landscape. One focus i.e. is its collaboration in the national WPS UNSC 1325 CSO Alliance where we monitor and shape the German NAP 1325 another linked to this is our active promotion of Feminist Foreign Policy in which we succeeded on March 1, 2023 when the Guidelines of German Feminist Foreign Policy where adopted and presented. The DFR is also active since 2008 in the alternative reporting under CEDAW and part of the 2019 – established permanent CEDAW-ALLIANCE GERMANY.  

In summary, the German Women’s Ring is a force in Germany’s gender equality movement, working to empower women, eliminate gender-based discrimination, and promote a society where women can thrive and contribute to all spheres of life. Through their advocacy, education, and collaboration efforts, they strive to build a more just and equal world for women and girls.